SEPFIL Rectangular Sieve is invented to handle high throughput rate where the application needs to be screened in large capacity. It provides maximum throughput with precise decentralization. Our rectangular sieve’s linear design gives it the advantage of smoothing the application for efficient separation.

SEPFIL Rectangular Sieve is used for Removing Dust, Chips & such Fine Impurities from Plastic Materials being Reprocessed or recycled especially in Injection Molding/Scrap Grinding Process. It can also be used for recovering good Granules from floor sweepings.

SEPFIL Rectangular Sieve is used for sieving of Polymer powder like PVC resin or compound, LLDPE Powder, PP Powder, Lamination Powder etc. PVC Compound needs to be screened after cooler/mixer to remove lumps, unmixed material, and foreign material.

Master Batch/Filler is used for removing Lumps or Long Strands and Chips, Dusting or Undercut in Extrusion. This machine is very useful in industries like Master Batch, Filler Compound, Extruded Granules.

The machine in two screen construction known as graduation is used to do Product Quality Control by ensuring that outgoing product is Not Too Large or Too Small. The larger pieces are retained above the first Screen and dusting chips/off cuts fall down below the lower screen thus giving main product from middle grade.

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